AAP – Is it a case of just one more political party

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I got encouraged to write on this topic with the fast approaching pools and great reviews the Aam Admi Party is getting in the Media. I was eager and glad to see them perform well and more importantly be an effective voice of the common man. However, the events over the past month seem to create doubts if they are just one one more of the existing class of parties. So the question I would like to ask myself is “Is Power Corrupting”.

Before I start I would like to put a few instances that makes me feel they are no different.

1) Aravind Kejriwal meeting a religious leader (needless to say with a controversial background)
As an emerging and forward thinking leader I was really shocked to see that Mr. Kejriwal met this religious leader, requesting and appealing to him to convas and appeal to the section on their party’s behalf. Needless to say the same personallity was met by Shriman Digvijay Singh. So how different is the AAP?

2) Prashanth Bhushan – the way his responses in TV show debates is no better if not worse like any other typical party in the fray

The other day I was watching the panel debates on the media channels over the recent episodes of Snoopegate and a few more. I was appalled at the kind of responses and questions that were being raised by him. He was speaking more like a lawyer and with a intention to pin down his opponent but more so at the cost of the privacy of this individual who is the real stakeholder. So the question that comes to me is do stakes in polls can make us so desperate to not even respect the privacy of a citizen. So how different is the AAP?
3) Prashanth Bhushan – Representing a few folks that are accused in terror cases

I do agree that one is innocent till proven guilty. However, the big question is when you choose to be in public life what is the balance that a individual needs to have between Public and Private actions that a individual takes. So that we ensure there is no scope for lapse, in this case he infact is representing against the state’s stand.

4) Anna – Aravind

There was enough time to solve or clear out the transformation from IAC to AAP. So why this delay or lack of assertion to state that Anna’s belief is not in having a Political run. This is probably causing all the hungama, why can’t the team just meet with Anna and close it out, or is it an act found best to be alive.

The question that comes to my mind is does “Absolute Power Corrupt”. We currently look at this novice in the field expected to be not just the king maker but the kings based on the projects being shown by our media friends. So are the above facts of approaching a particular person and other actions more out of desperations to move up the percentage mark for votes polled in their favour.

Is it another entity that is now more focus on the end result and not the means?


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