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Software Testers – Do we think a step ahead?

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As Software Testers we have a fairly important role to play as representatives of the Customers in ensuring we deliver a Quality Product within the expected framework of Customer’s Expectations. However, that said, we also bask in a seat where we are used (need) to Wait on Requirements, Wait on Implementation Details, Wait on Design Overviews and Wait on Information to be shared and provided by other stakeholders before being able to do testing

In such a kind of situation what is the value addition that we present as Testers in the Software Development Life Cycle. I would like to seek ideas and suggestions on how QA can help in presenting value addition in being more effective and efficient in its engagement.

My question is how can we truly be a Step Ahead of the rest and make sure that we are true partners in pre-empting any issues that were not thought about in the right time and ensure that the right questions were asked at the appropriate time.

Are there a few secrets or traits that can help facilitate Software Testing teams to be more effective and efficient in this journey across the SDLC